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Improving School Infrastructure


In the past, THEP concentrated on smaller projects such as water supply systems for schools, provision of library books, and agricultural projects - typically fish ponds, vegetable gardens, mushroom houses and chicken and pig breeding to support school lunch programmes. As our reputation grew, we were able to raise further funds through our generous donors to build canteens, toilet blocks, dormitories, libraries and extra rooms to provide supplementary education such as weaving, health care and social interaction.


In many small villages in Mae Hong Son, there are no schools and the long distances the children are forced to travel discourages them from regular attendance or going at all. If there is a village school it will only provide education to Prathom 6 (Grade 6) or Mattayom 3 (Grade 9). Nowadays the THEP priority is to build dormitories for those children who wish to get a higher education.


Another objective of THEP is to provide school canteens so that the students can enjoy hygienic eating, cooking and washing facilities. Providing lunches is one way of encouraging the children to attend school but we do ensure there is a proper water supply system first.


All our construction projects are basically “self-help” projects and everyone is proud to be involved. Funds may be provided for work requiring specific skills, however we encourage "self-help" and the villagers, students, teachers and caretakers carry out the labour under the supervision of the District Officers. See our ABOUT page for the way we work.


More information on donating to THEP, including costs

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