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THEP Scholarship Programme


Most hilltribe people have no chance to do little more than survive from farming the land. They are lucky if they can harvest enough rice, fruit and vegetables for their own needs; just finding the money to feed themselves and buy basic necessities can be a major problem and families invariably end up in debt. Even if a family is able to feed its children properly, a desperate shortage of disposable income may mean that anything more than that is a luxury, including basic education. Without education, the poverty cycle continues.


You can make a difference to a child, a family and a community just by sponsoring one student through high school or university!


Primary and secondary education is theoretically compulsory and free but often children do not go to school simply because their parents can’t afford to pay for the uniform and shoes, bus fares, daily lunch or other expenses associated with education. Even at eight or nine years old, children may be needed to work in the fields or to contribute to the family income by getting a job.


For most children, the biggest problem comes at the end of Junior or Senior High School. After three years at high school, students can sit the entrance examination to study for skills at vocational or technical colleges in three- or five-year courses. Alternatively, after studying for six years at high school, they can try for a university place. But for tertiary education, fees must be paid. Many students are quite capable of continuing their studies beyond high school and may be desperate to do so, but a simple lack of funds makes further education no more than a dream. They are left with few options other than working in the fields or seeking unskilled work in the cities - or in the girl’s case, marriage.


Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, many of our students have been able to graduate from high school and continue on to tertiary education, while some are still in the process. The scholarships we give them ensure that they attend school and the students at all levels provide a biannual report for assessment, which is passed on to the sponsor.


An Education Scholarship with your sponsorship is of immeasurable value because it gives your student the determination to carry on, finish his or her education, and reach for the skies!


In spite of the odds against them, the students continue to astonish us with their warmth, intelligence, determination and desire to make a better life for themselves and their families.


More information on donating to THEP, including costs of scholarship





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