Ban Huay Ma Gok School has two new dormitories thanks to our generous donors, A.S.O.B. (Association de Soutien aux Orphelins de Bangkok), Luxembourg, Europe.


This project not only gives the current students a clean and safe place to live, but encourages more children from far away villages to attend school.


Thank you to S.I.D. (Soroptomists International Dusit) for donating bunk beds and bedding for the students and a personal friend of THEP, who donated duvets for the cold winter months in the mountains.


Our sponsors know that if we improve the facilities at hilltribe schools more children will have the chance to complete their education which gives them hope for a better future. 



Thanks to A.S.O.B.and Rotary Echternach Moselle, THEP is able to continue its mission to provide better access to education for hilltribe children and together we are currently constructing another dormitory at Ban Mae Ohk Neua School in Mae La Noi district.



Thank you ANZWG (Australian-New Zealand Society) for a grand canteen for hilltribe boarders at Song Kwae School in Doi Loh district, Chiang Mai Province. Song Kwae School has over 200 hilltribe boarding students who now have a canteen in close proximity to their dormitories. 



A big thank you to S.I.D. (Soroptomists International Dusit) Bangkok, for providing a bore water supply to Ban Mae Pae School in Sob Moei district. Now the children have fresh water for washing, preparing meals and for their toilet facilities. A life-changing project for the students of Ban Mae Pae School. Thank you S.I.D.!


A dream has come true for nine of our students, thanks to their kind sponsors. During the past year, nine hard-working students celebrated their graduations. This year we are proud to say that 13 more will complete their tertiary education. These students will become important role models in their community and nearly all of them will return home as teachers or health care providers, encouraging the younger generation of hilltribe children to reach for the sky.    




Highlights of 2018


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