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THEP Donations and Scholarship Costs


THEP Infrastructure Projects


THEP is committed to improving the educational facilities in the hilltribe schools in the northern Thailand province of Mae Hong Son. The national Education budget is often limited in meeting needs in remote regional schools, particularly in the mountains. If you or your company would like to donate to a specific project, such as providing funds to build a dormitory or canteen, or furnishings, please contact us here.


THEP Scholarship Programme


Scholarship applications and student profiles are received from teachers, who identify those disadvantaged hilltribe students who have demonstrated need and conviction in pursuing their studies. THEP attempts to find sponsors for all these children.

THEP awards scholarships to students (aged 15+) whose families cannot afford to support their education. We are particularly keen to offer as many higher education scholarships as possible to students aged 18+ who apply for university or an advanced vocational course.


Four scholarship programs currently support 180 children in full time education:




  • Senior High School: THB 6,000 per year - levels *M4-M6 (ages 15+)



  • Vocational College: THB 8,000 per year - for a trade qualification - levels *PWC 1-3  (equivalent to M4-M6)


  • Advanced Vocational Education: THB 15,000 per year (*PWS 1-2) 



  • University Scholarships: THB 25,000 per year


       *Mattayom is the term for high school levels in the Thai education system - M4 is equivalent to Year 10.


       *PWC and PWS are terms for vocational courses -  PWC = first level and PWS = advanced






Rather than a one-time scholarship handout, THEP gives sponsors the opportunity to become part of a child’s educational experience, in its entirety. Funding usually begins at Year 10, for 3-7 years until the student graduates from university or college. This is to address the risk of intermittent and unstable schooling that affects most hilltribe children.


The relationship between students and sponsors can be maintained in several ways:


  • Grade reports – sent by THEP twice a year

  • Personal letters.


There is an ever-increasing number of hilltribe students graduating from academic institutions, which demonstrates the success of the THEP Scholarship programme.


THEP team members are volunteers, so all contributions go directly to school projects and the scholarship programme.


THEP travels to Northern Thailand 2-3 times a year to monitor projects and interview scholarship students personally, with expenses paid by the volunteers themselves. Sponsors are always welcome to accompany THEP on these visits and experience the difference THEP funding is making in the lives of children ‘Yearning to Learn”.

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