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Yearning to Learn!

  Make a difference! 




Listen to the dreams of THEP scholarship students

THEP enables hilltribe children from remote and marginalised areas to:


1. Further their education and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to  reach their goals


2. Improve their lives


3. Eventually provide leadership and service to their hilltribe communities


THEP aims to complement the objectives of the Govt. Education Department.


THEP sponsors include individuals and families from Thailand and abroad, as well as companies, organisations and foreign embassies in Bangkok.


Corporate sponsorship is a way for companies to invest in the future of Thailand.


Sponsoring a student is a way for expats to make a meaningful contribution to their host country.

Education for hilltribe students is the THEP priority, but without support most students are not able to access a high school or tertiary education. Scholarships and the provision of boarding faclities are the keys to our goal.


Whether a donation comes from an individual or a company, that commitment gives us the ability to change lives.


Scholarship costs are explained here.



THEP has provided 220 portable libraries

THEP has sponsored over 450 students

Infrastructure projects for over 85 schools

Join the next THEP Site Visit:
Susan will be visiting key projects on 25-27 November, 2023. Please contact THEP if you would like to accompany her.


Visiting the schools with Susan was an adventure and a privilege. What stood out was how happy the kids are just to get a chance of an education. They know it could change their lives...

Cathy, a sponsor

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